Catering & Banqueting

Let us select for you highly specialized catering services which can satisfy and delight your palate. We will combine the exquisite tradition of the cuisine “Made in Italy” with fresh ideas. Everything will be in perfect style with your wedding theme. 

Photos & Videos

The best things about memories is making them. Our goal is to offer you the finest wedding photography and videography experience, tailored especially to meet your expectations, creating breathtaking artwork and capturing everlasting memories that will stay with you and your family for generations.

Invitations &
Printed Matter

Invitations are the true business card of your wedding.
How would you like to announce your wedding day? Designing the most appropriate message means giving your guests a clear signal through a special invitation which reflects the style of your dream.
We can help you custom design your invitations in sync with all printed matter to follow: booklets, menus, placeholders, and tableau de marriage.

Music & Entertainment

What’s a party without some music? Music itself can be described as a language of love, and the same can be said for dancing. We partner with the best entertainment companies in Italy to design an extraordinary bash! Live music, regional bands, a prestigious dance performance or artisanal experiences! We’re here to get your party started!