orta san giulio


The Penotti Ubertini Palace is situated in the middle of the Medieval village of Orta San Giulio, Lake Orta. You can find it on the left side of the ascend from the central Square of Orta up to the Assunta Church on the gentle slope called Motta. It situated in an ideal spot, elegant and exclusive, to celebrate weddings, events, photographic exhibitions, fashion shows, exhibitions, presentations, formal dinners with catering and business meetings. The façade is in gentle neoclassicism.

Connected to the entrance hall, where you can find a magnificent Austrian granpiano and old weapons, there are the halls each with different and very fine floors and vaulted ceilings. Other particular of the palace are the many fire places: unforgettable is the one in white marble. In the north hall it is placed another small fire place dated in the ‘500 and in the middle of the mantelpiece you will see the Visconti coat of arms and on the right the witticism “a bon fin”.